June 27, 2014

The influence of aging and gradually changing the composition of the body

Under the influence of aging and gradually changing the composition of the body - muscle mass decreases and fat takes its place. Secondly, in adulthood, most people neglect Sport partner and lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat at the same as well as in his youth. click the next page find inside story

The combination of the aging process with a sedentary lifestyle and a healthy appetite - is the main cause of the gradual but steady weight gain.Build muscle mass, not to gain weight - One of the most effective ways to stop the weight gain - speed up the metabolism by building muscle. Experts recommend that for this purpose several times a week to engage in weight training to maintain and increase muscle mass.

It is also recommended once a month or two to change the training program not to get used to the exercises and do not relax.Here are a few reasons for weight gain:• Neglect of fitness classes• Unconscious eating snacks in front of the TV after dinner• Alcohol abuse, sugary drinks or coffee• Skipping breakfast• Irregular eating• Child malnutrition• Addition and portions too bigConsuming large amounts of simple carbohydrates (found in sugar and white bread) and insufficient - protein.

The older we get, the more diligently we should monitor their health and weight. Define your own problematic factors and get the opportunity to adjust your calorie intake. Does not matter if you have a sweet tooth - include in the diet small amount of sweets.

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